the night

You’ve arrived at the third issue of SHARKPACK Annual, themed ‘The Night.’ The Annual is creative sister to SHARKPACK Poetry Review and to Fathom Books.

The editor’s goal in curation is to bring to the fore art of philosophical and imaginative heft, haft, and polish—works of consequence—in a digital space of fluency and graphic punch.

We believe strongly in the duties of high art; the ‘intimate revolt’; the simultaneously inscrutable and substantive spirit of the avant-garde; and the Sublime that exceeds us. The SHARKPACK imprints viciously oppose popular literary culture, would do it harm with our knives.

Carrying our highest mineral this year are Benjamin Carter Olcott, whose “Evolution” and “Progress” won the Prospero Prize; and Adam Phillips, whose “oversoul” won Valus’ Sigil (for a work on Virtual Nature / gaming). Olcott’s poems have a whiff of Kafka, a bemused cerebralism, and refuse to barter language’s diamond hardness for legibility; Phillips’ “oversoul” is a work of disembodied parentage—Unearthed, truly.

Very happy reading, friends. And remember: clicking the hammerhead logo will return you to our anchor page.

In addition to letters, this issue features a mixtape of experimental music from Onga and the Italian alt-label Boring Machines. Set aside an hour and—is this wrong? / it’s not wrong—a spliff, be absolutely transported.

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