Contributor Notes

BENJAMIN CARTER OLCOTT considers, publishes, edits, champions, composes. He finds it a signal privilege sharing these Aegises, these elixirs, these dreams with you.

COLLEEN MAYNARD is an artist and writer. Most recently she exhibits in the 2016 Drawing Biennial at Appleton Museum of Art. More here.

JOHN STUPP lives near Pittsburgh, PA. His new book, Pawleys Island, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.

ADAM GOLASKI is the author of Color Plates. He's currently writing a monograph for Auteur on The House of the Devil. For more, go here.

JONATHAN MAY grew up in Zimbabwe, but lives and teaches in Memphis. A queer writer, he uses poetry therapy to help people with eating disorders. More here.

KRIS HALL lives above a PCC with his wife and two cats in Seattle, WA. Recent work can be found in Reality Beach and Vanilla Sex Magazine.

MARK STEVICK grew up in a Pennsylvania community whose members wore head coverings and plain clothing. He lives and gives walking tours in Salem, MA.

REBECCA STARKS’ poems have appeared in Slice, Rattle, Crab Orchard Review, Raintown Review, Poetry Northwest, and elsewhere. She lives in Richmond, VT.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, NOAH STETZER currently lives in Washington, D.C. More here.

PETER LONGOFONO edits reviews for Coldfront and makes music with THICK. A shortbook, CHORDS, was published in March, 2016. He lives in Brooklyn.

NELS HANSON’s poems received a Pushcart nomination in 2014, Best of the Net nods in 2015 and 2016, and SHARKPACK Annual’s Prospero Prize in 2014.

OWEN VINCE is a writer and visual artist living in London. His book, THE ADRIFT OF SAMUS ARAN, is published by Fathom. He tweets at @brightfar.

KATIE HOWES lives in Minnesota with her husband and two cats. Her work has been published in Monarch Review and Seattle Review.

ADAM PHILLIPS teaches at-risk eighth graders how to read and write.

SUSANA ROBERTS’ poems have appeared most recently in ellipsis, Brooklyn Quarterly, Salamander, and Fickle Muses. She teaches English at Boston College.

Boring Machines is an independent music label housed in Treviso, Italy. The label, founded and run by Onga, is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2016. Cover art for Ongapalooza is by Re Delle Aringhe.

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DARREN HOPES is a visual artist living in the United Kingdom. He is the art consultant at Fathom Books / SHARKPACK, and the creator of all our logo variants.

Joseph spece is founder and editor at Fathom Books and the SHARKPACK imprints.