Lucas Bailor
Remembering You
Away, the creature of my someday roads
desires a rise, dreamed overwhelmed in morning
and you’re out now ever frightened
everything agony, a rainbow.

All to an attention
put what you really got, whether
them you or realizing
I won’t knot your ribbons.

I rushed snows
remembering the dumb, longer light
and us, out of sync
no parking in the downtown.

Everything is today
and we can put a little can or try
even though we know I’d overdo it, just
a man feeling the memories.

Your want to punch around
the sylph cracking a very, figured alone,
but you felt it all, me: in on
of the middle, the beginning.

But of that punch you know
I know you
your lack of breath, running the sound
by pain.

Swallowing the overwhelming falling winter
said of time: start a kind life
I mistake what there is to overcome.

I fake a depth
each fading and hanging
out the wrong city.

There’s little time for want

seen around the two or six or twenty-nine
the things of it, toured on lost more.

I think you felt home winning, its call
a garden sound you
with, for them;
I felt the unlocking.

I was stupid, my arms, my face
you I
on a long
I hurry I
the you our show
Your width at my gusty
me it wasn’t
I’ve got armfuls Darling, might I –


not Darling

sorry Can’t I –

no, sorry don’t – gone –

I’m so one and the thought of you gets –

can I – could you –



let me think of this.