Contributor Notes

Carla SCHWARTZ is poet, blogger, filmmaker, photographer, gardener, musician. Her channel: here. Her blog: here. Her site: here. Summers, she lives on a solar-powered houseboat.

Lisa HIGGS’ second chapbook Unintentional Guide to the Big City was published by Red Bird Chapbooks in 2015. She is the poetry editor for Quiddity.

"My Peculiar Geography," by Daniel BOSCH, is taken, in its entirety—with the exception of alterations of pronouns, tenses, word order, and punctuation, along with insertion of possessive pronouns for noun phrases, and the removal of quotation marks—from Wikipedia entries for “Jeffrey Bezos” and “Amazon” (the river).

Lucas BAILOR is from Moreno Valley, California. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Deluge, DUM DUM Zine, CALAMITY, and Angel City Review.

Devon BALWIT writes in Portland, Oregon, always searching for new obsessions. Recent ones are Moby-Dick, Neo-Babylonian cuneiform, Modern art.

Julian MITHRA ekes out a hardpan existence on the margin of queer desire. Watch ephemeral found-footage poems on Vimeo. They're in Versal, Manticore, and pnkprl

Connor SHERLOCK creates first-person videogames focusing on surrealist architecture, expansive spaces, and the futility of player agency.

Lucia DAMACELA enjoys road trips and discovering old and new places. Hones her minimalism on Twitter as @lucyda and blogs here. Her first poetry collection, Liquid Sunset (Alexander & Brook), is out soon.

Melissa WILEY is the author of Antlers in Space and Other Common Phenomena (Split Lip Press). Her creative nonfiction has appeared in places like The Rumpus, DIAGRAM, Phoebe, Waxwing, The Offing, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Juked, Noble / Gas Qtrly, Drunken Boat, and PANK. She lives in Chicago.

Ethan HON lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Jeff PEARSON is managing editor for Blood Orange Review, poetry editor for 5x5 Lit Mag.  His series, “User Review of Medications,” is forthcoming from Permafrost.

Edwin EVANS-THIRLWELL is conducting a verse study of NASA's Golden Record, alongside various poems on eating and digitised mythologies. He lives in London.

Joseph SPECE is editor at SHARKPACK.

Eric WESTERLIND is web architect at SHARKPACK.

The SHARKPACK insignia and variants are by art consultant Darren HOPES.