Welcome to the very first SHARKPACK Poetry Review Annual. We are creative sister to SHARKPACK Poetry Review.

The editors’ goal in curation (and in founding creation) is to bring to the fore literary works of philosophical and imaginative heft, haft, and polish—works of consequence—in a digital space of fluency and beauty.

We also have sought to take advantage of the mixed visual and aural capabilities of the Web—that is, to be more than a digitally transposed print journal. Adventures on this front will continue.

We believe strongly in the duties of high art; the ‘intimate revolt’; the simultaneously inscrutable and substantive spirit of the avant-garde; and the Sublime that exceeds us. Not surprisingly, we seek to publish and promote art wrought in this vein.

In addition to the poems and editorial comment included in this installation, we are pleased to present the visual art of Darren Hopes.

The topos for our inaugural issue is Sub Rosa; submissions are currently open for our second issue, Cities, Sites. We invite you to follow us on Twitter for upcoming microverse contests.

Finally, we congratulate Nels Hanson, the winner of the very first Prospero Prize.

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